Supported Browsers
Total browsers tested: 91 Including versions & modes: 133
Certified browsers: 87 Certified versions/modes: 126
Incompatible browsers: 4 Incompatible versions/modes: 7

(I'll bet you didn't know there were so many, did you?)

There are many available browsers, using multiple layout engines The primary layout engines are: Trident (used by Internet Explorer), Gecko (used by Firefox), Apple WebKit (used by Chrome and Safari), Presto (used by Opera), and KHTML (used by Konqueror).

In addition, different browsers utilize the layout engines differently, and some even utilize them differently from one version to the next. Due to this, the chances of being able to design a web site that is interesting, functional, and 100% compatible with every version of every browser is probably less than than the chance of being struck by lightning on a clear sunny day.

Having said that, I (the web designer/webmaster - a.k.a. Joe) have tested every version of every available browser that I possibly could. If you are able to test any of the unsupported browsers listed (or any not yet listed), and you have problems with the site (or even if everything works fine), I would appreciate feedback via the webmaster feedback form.

Thank you, and enjoy your visit with us at

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Unsupported Browsers

These are the browsers that are unsupported for various reasons:

Some I was simply unable to test, for various reasons. For example: I can't read Japanese or Chinese (Shiira and Tencent Traveler), I don't have a Macintosh, an iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or any other type of smartphone. In the case of the Mac browsers, it is very possible that they will work fine. All I have to test with is 3 desktop and 4 laptop computers, all running various versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux, or FreeBSD, and I'm not all that adept at Linux or FreeBSD, so there are some browsers I have yet to figure out how to install.

Of the tested ones, some are simply too old to bother with, some were poorly written and/or designed and/or don't meet current HTML standards, and others have been discontinued and are very difficult to find (except that the links are here, of course). In the case of that last reason, they usually share the first two reasons, also.

Untested browsers (13)
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